yeolliepopday (yeolliepopday) wrote,

You're all mine for cairistiona

For: cairistiona
Title: You’re All Mine
Pairings: Chanyeol/Chen, with side!baekxing, xiuhan and krisho
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: hybrids (cat, dog, bunny), switching, heat sex, multiple orgasms, self-lubrication, knot, use of toys, barebacking, bathroom sex, alcohol, past members as characters
Length: 20.2k
Summary: Chanyeol lives with four cat hybrids and falls for one of them. The twist? He’s allergic to cats.
Author's note: title from j rabbit’s monday to sunday. biggest thank to my beta w, who’s always so generously accommodating despite everything. a huge thank you to the mods, and also my dearest recipient for the wonderful prompts! i hope you enjoy this.


Tags: 2016, pairing: chen, rating: nc-17
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