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For: exobubz
Title: One voice.
Pairing(s): Chanyeol/D.O (minor Baekhyun/Chen, if you squint, i think)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4511 words.
Summary: Do not talk to the boy in dorm building A room 61! I heard if you talk to him, you will be cursed for a month.
Author's note: Hello, first and for most I am rather sorry for the outcome. I feel like I went away from the prompt quite a lot. Might not be what you wanted but hope you would still enjoy it. Mistakes are made here and there, I'd like to apologize for that too. Hope you at least have a fun time reading it.

Chanyeol lets out a satisfied sigh as he flops down on his bed, arms moving about as he gathers the three Rilakkuma dolls he had managed to grab (and threw in his luggage) prior to leaving his old dingy dorm and hugs them to his chest in contentment. Chanyeol rolls on to his back and lets his eyes roam around the room; it was definitely much, more better than his previous dorm room. No more stingy room-mates, no more having to ask for permissions to do things and no more getting in to pointless conflicts (because Chanyeol and his previous room-mates always have something to bicker about every other day).

Chanyeol smiles. He feels relieved and at peace.

His moment of silence is broken by the knock that resounded and Chanyeol sits up, staring at the door. Another knock resounds and Chanyeol places his dolls under the cover and heads toward the door. As he steps closer, he can hear someone bickering outside of his room. Chanyeol slowly opens the door only to be greeted with an overly excited man. He stumbles back slightly when the man pushes past him to look around his room.

Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows and is about to open his mouth to reprimand the stranger when the other man walks in. “I am sorry for this nuisance!” The man apologizes as he hits the shorter of the the two on the back of his head. “My name is Kim Jongdae and this trouble here is Byun Baekhyun!” The man – Jongdae, Chanyeol notes – introduces himself.

Chanyeol blinks a couple of times, the frown deepening as he stares at the two men that are currently casually walking around his room, examining it. “I am Park Chanyeol?”

The other man – Baekhyun – snickers as he turns around to finally face Chanyeol. “Why does that sound like a question?” He snorts in to the palm of his hands and Jongdae rolls his eyes once more before smacking Baekhyun's arm. Baekhyun whines at the stinging pain and pouts. “Stop that; you are going to ruin my image.” HE states and this time, Chanyeol cannot help but let out a bark of indignant huff.

“There's nothing to salvage.” Jongdae retorts.

“With all due respect, why are the two of you in my room.” Chanyeol questions as he closes the door behind him. Call it a gut feeling but Chanyeol has a feeling that these two will be really hard to shake off. He flinches visibly when Baekhyun sits on his bed and Jongdae starts looking at the collection of snapbacks he has on display.

Jongdae shrugs as he points to Baekhyun. “I am only here to keep this one out of trouble.”

Baekhyun flips him the middle finger. He turns to look at Chanyeol as if sizing him up. “We (Jongdae snorts and Baekhyun gives him a pointed look) heard that there was going to be a new tenant and thus have decided to give you a warm welcome.” Baekhyun grins and Chanyeol feels the web of annoyance slowly fade away at the bright smile of the man in front of him. “Besides Junmyeon hyung told us to treat you well since we are all of the same age.”

“Oh; cool.” Chanyeol nods his head. He really has nothing to say and he feels a little bit awkward. Earlier upon arriving, he had met the Head of the Student Body – Kim Junmyeon – and his first impression of the President is that he was fairly short (Chanyeol has no one to blame but himself for being so tall) and he had one of the nicest smile Chanyeol has ever seen.

A moment of silence ensues. Chanyeol opens his mouth and closes it a few times. He wants to tell them to get out of his room but at the same time, he also does not want to be really rude to who he feels would be his friends in the very near future. Baekhyun's laughter shakes him out of his reverie and his eyes widen comically when Baekhyun falls off of the bed. Contrary to how Chanyeol had reacted, Jongdae simply kciks Baekhyun on his ass.

“Just ignore Baekhyun please; he thinks just because Junmyeon hyung is too nice to say anything, he can do whatever he feels like doing.” Jongdae sighs forlornly and Baekhyun abruptly stops laughing and pouts. Chanyeol is beginning to regret his decision of opening the door and letting them in. (Like he had a choice).

Baekhyun stands up. “Anyway, that aside – Jongdae and I actually want to invite you to have lunch with us.” Jongdae grins. “We want to get to know you better!” Baekhyun announces and before Chanyeol even has the chance to reject the offer (because now after spending time with the two, all Chanyeol wants to do is to take rest), Baekhyun and Jongdae hooked their arms with his and pulled him out of his room.

Chanyeol looks at himself in the mirror and makes sure that all of his black heads and pimples have been covered with concealer. Chanyeol used to not like using any make-up (not that he uses a lot now) but ever since he was a young boy, his mother has instilled deep within his brain that appearances matter and Chanyeol wants to make a good and long lasting impression with his first class today. Living with a mother who was crowned as Korea's Supermodel can be a little bit hard sometimes but because of that reason itself, Chanyeol knows everything his mother knew.

He puts on his black-rimmed glasses and smile to himself. Chanyeol thinks he looks quite dashing today and hopes that his first class would go smoothly. Picking up his bag, Chanyeol walks out of his room after making sure he has locked the door and heads over to the elevator. His steps falters when he walks by room 61. His right eye twitches and Chanyeol shakes his head before hurrying towards the elevator – he must not and will not be late for his first class!

“Oh yeah, you don't really know this but stay away from room 61.” Baekhyun says and stuffs his fries in his mouth, chewing noisily. Jongdae rolls his eyes as he eats his burger. Chanyeol's eyebrows furrow. “Rumour has it, previous tenants all say that if you talk to him, you will be cursed for a month!” Baekhyun exclaims. Chanyeol is somewhat thankful that the place they chose to sit is somewhat secluded.

Jongdae rolls his eyes – he seems to be doing that a lot near Baekhyun, Chanyeol notices – but merely nods his head, every now and then.

“Sure, I suppose?” Chanyeol really has nothing much to say but he cannot help but feel intrigued.

Baekhyun's eyes glint with mirth. “Tenant 61 is a cursed man. He rarely ever comes out and when he does, he wears all black,” Baekhyun whispers like it is a secret and Chanyeol shifts forward as he listens. “There was once an older tenant who used to stay here – his name was Luhan and after Luhan talked to Tenant 61, the very next day, Luhan sprained his ankle and the day after, Luhan had scratches- what the fuck was that for, Kim Jongdae!” Baekhyun screeches as he peels off the cucumber off of his cheek. He grimaces and threw the cucumber on Jongdae's tray, reaching for tissues and the hand sanitizer he kept in pocket.

“You are scaring, Chanyeol!” Jongdae glances at Chanyeol who smiles at the both of them sheepishly. Jongdae shakes his head. “Baekhyun is a drama queen so do not believe him.”

Baekhyun huffs indignantly. “They said if you ever his voice, you will be cursed for a month. Just keep that in mind.”

A month passed since Chanyeol moved in to the dorm. Like what he had predicted, Baekhyun and Jongdae became a regular in his daily life – the two living only two floors above his – and they also had a few of their classes together. Baekhyun, he learns, is just really loud and dramatic by nature meanwhile Jongdae, despite his quiet demeanour, can be quite the prankster.

“Might as well just do laundry.” Chanyeol murmurs to himself as he stares at his growing laundry and groans in despair. “No,” He shakes his head. “I have to do laundry.” He nods his head in determination and wordlessly, Chanyeol begins to sort out the whites and the colours – yet another habit his mother had taught him. Chanyeol was supposed to be going to his class but that morning when he was about to leave, his Professor had sent an email about postponing their class today to the day after tomorrow due to unforeseen reasons. He had tried going back to sleep, tossed and turned for a bit before ending up in his current predicament.

Carrying one of his large laundry basket down two flight of stairs was a little bit tiring, especially when said basket is filled to the brim. Chanyeol almost stumbles over his own two feet as he walks toward the laundry room, greeting Minseok – the dorm's receptionist – who greets him in return.

“Finally doing your laundry, Yeol?” Minseok asks, amusement dripping off his words. Chanyeol laughs as he nods his head. “You should really do laundry more often.” Minseok eyes the amount of clothes Chanyeol is carrying and shakes his head. He knows what he just said will go in one ear and out the other: he has been telling Chanyeol to do his laundry regularly ever since he saw the latter struggling to carry his own laundry two weeks ago.

“See you later, hyung.” Chanyeol calls out as he heads down the stairs to the laundry room. As he steps closer to the laundry room, Chanyeol is a little bit taken back to see another person in the laundry room, singing softly to himself. Despite how soft he was singing, the man's voice was loud enough to resonate in the room but what had caught his attention was the song the man was singing! It was one of his favourite songs from one of the bands he liked. Chanyeol almost drops his laundry in excitement but drops them on the table not far from where the man was sitting.

When the man abruptly stops singing and turns around to face him, Chanyeol's breath hitches. The man furrows his eyebrows and squints at Chanyeol who simply lifts his hand up sheepishly to greet the latter. “Sorry for that. It was heavy.” Chanyeol says as he looks at his laundry in disdain – perhaps today was not the best day to do laundry, he thought to himself as he looks back at the other guy. “Uh...I heard you sing just now.” Chanyeol smiles. “You have such a nice voice.”

The man flushes at the compliment but as quickly as it came, it disappeared at the same speed too.

An awkward silence ensues as Chanyeol begins to dump his laundry in to the machine, subconsciously humming to the song the man had sung before.

“You know the band?” He inquires. “None of the tenants here know of them...”

Chanyeol stares at the man who simply repeats his question once more upon seeing Chanyeol's confused state. At the mention of the band, Chanyeol's face lights up. “Yeah; they have been my favourite ever since their debut! They have such great songs too.” Chanyeol sighs at the thought of his favourite band.

“My name is Kyungsoo.” The man – Kyungsoo – speaks up after a while. “So what other songs do you like from the band? Your voice suits their songs rather well.”

Chanyeol beams at him, a little bit happy that he has finally managed to get his name. Although Chanyeol has seen far more handsome people, he cannot deny it – the man (Kyungsoo, he chides himself) is really attractive on the eyes. “My name is Chanyeol!”

Chanyeol skids to a stop in front of Kyungsoo who looks at him with an amused yet miffed expression – how does he even pull that off, Chanyeol wonders as he tries to steady his breath. “Look what I had found!” Chanyeol all but shoves the DVD he just bought prior to meeting Kyungsoo to his face.

Kyunugsoo steps back just in time for his hand to grab on to Chanyeol's to stop the former from accidentally hitting his face. Kyungsoo misses the flush on Chanyeol's face as he stares at DVD. “Are we going to watch this?” He asks and finally realize that he is still holding on to Chanyeol's hand. “Oh, sorry.” He lets go of the hold he has and looks at Chanyeol instead.

Chanyeol shook his head to rid of all of the thoughts and nods his head.

Kyungsoo frowns. “Is that a yes or a no because otherwise, I would rather go inside and watch Jo Insung's drama.” He states and Chanyeol almost snorts. Almost, being the keyword. After being friends with Kyungsoo for a month now, he has come to learn quite a lot of things from his new friend; that being 1) Kyungsoo hits, hard and 2) Kyungsoo is a fan of Jo insung. Chanyeol does not really want to cross him.

Chanyeol huffs and nods his head once more. “Of course we are going to watch it!” He all but yells in excitement. “You know I have been talking about this for such a long time! I invited Baekhyun and Jongdae to come over to my place too but both of them had matters to attend.” Chanyeol pouts, crossing his arms. “Those two are always off to do something and never telling me what it is about.” and Kyungsoo finally laughs.

Chanyeol frowns. “What.”

Kyungsoo shakes his head. “I don't know if you are dense or oblivious,” Kyungsoo stops laughing. “Baekhyun and Jongdae are together.”

“Yeah – wait, by together, you mean together together?” Chanyeol gasps. Now it made more sense as to why those two were always together and Chanyeol starts laughing at how silly he had been. If only he had paid more attention – he would not have embarrassed himself in front of Kyungsoo.

Kyungsoo shakes his head and reaches up to pat Chanyeol on the head, pushing the hair that fell on to his eyes. “Let's go and watch it in your room then. I can make dinner before we watch the dvd.” Chanyeol eagerly nods his head at Kyungsoo's suggestion and drapes his arm on Kyungsoo's shoulder (missing the wide smile on Kyungsoo's face) as the both of them chattered endlessly (Chanyeol does all the talking while Kyungsoo intervenes every now and then with his own story) while walking to Chanyeol's room.

Kyungsoo hands Chanyeol his cup of coffee. Chanyeol beams and moves his hand to ruffle Kyungsoo's hair but the latter merely glares at his hand and Chanyeol guffaws as he drops his hand. “What do you want to do today?” He sips his coffee and flinches at the hotness of the liquid.

Kyungsoo shakes his head at Chanyeol's antics. “I have to go and see Sehun later.” Chanyeol frowns at the mention of the name. Kyungsoo rolls his eyes as he leans closer to Chanyeol. “No need to be jealous of Sehun – he has a boyfriend.” At the word 'boyfriend', Chanyeol relaxes. Just as they are about to step outside of the cafe, it started pouring cats and dogs.

“Oh.” Chanyeol furrows his eyebrows. “I didn't bring an umbrella.”

“Neither did I.” Kyungsoo mumbles as he stares out of the window. Chanyeol shrugs his shoulders before pulling Kyungsoo towards one of the tables that faced the window, knowing how much the latter likes to watch the scenery whenever it rains. “Thank you.” Kyungsoo smiles at Chanyeol's gesture. Chanyeol is about to head over to sit across when Kyungsoo scoots closer to the window and pats the empty seat beside him. Chanyeol smiles and sits down, sipping his coffee. He knows the warmth he feels inside is coming from a different reason entirely.

The moment Chanyeol finds out that Kyungsoo lives room 61, he falls flat on his face in his haste to scramble away from Kyungsoo, forgetting the fact that they were both on the sofa. Kyungsoo's eyes widens and he peers over to look at Chanyeol. “Are you okay?” He asks and moves to get off of the couch but pauses when Chanyeol scrambles away, hands on his ears and eyes wide and frantic.

Chanyeol feels his heart racing as he stares at Kyungsoo. How had he not notice that Kyungsoo is actually the boy that lives in room 61 – the same one Baekhyun had told him to stay away from! He swallows the lump on his throat when he sees Kyungsoo's lips moving and all he can do is shake his head, eyes still eyeing every single move Kyungsoo is making.

Kyungsoo sighs before he shakes his head. Standing up, he looks at Chanyeol for a few seconds before slowly moving out of Chanyeol's room after he realizes that Chanyeol was not going to do anything. The moment Kyungsoo steps out, Chanyeol almost wants to call him back and to apologize for his behaviour butt his silliness got the best of him and instead, he rushes to the door, locks it and runs to his bedroom – movie and popcorn long forgotten.

Baekhyun cackles and Jongdae wheezes.

Chanyeol stares in annoyance mixed with a little confusion.

“I need new friends.” He mutters as he finally walks away. “I should have never told you guys!” He shouts at the two figures that are still laughing.

Chanyeol rolls on his bed and sighs as he buries his face in his pillow. He picks up his rilakkuma and stares at it. He feels a little bit conflicted with himself. Today marks the third day whereby he has avoided Kyungsoo at all cost – not that it was that hard to do, he merely just stays quiet whenever Kyungsoo came by his room, knocking on the door to try and talk to him. Chanyeol being the cowardly superstitious person that he is, cowers underneath his blanket, thinking of what will happen to his life now that he has heard Kyungsoo speak.

His rational side mocks him; Chanyeol has been friends with Kyungsoo for almost two months and during the time they have been friends, nothing has gone wrong at all. Chanyeol is just being silly. But his irrational side wins him over with doubts and insecurities. Chanyeol groans and pulls the blanket over his head, willing the sleep to take him over, his mind working to find a way, a solution to talk to Kyungsoo and to not lose him as a friend.

“You are dumb.” Kyungsoo stares at Chanyeol who is standing in front of him. He crosses his arms across his chest. “I hate you.”

Chanyeol rubs the back of his neck sheepishly, not actually hearing what Kyungsoo is saying because he has earplugs in his ears as well as his headphones on. He clears his throat and whips out his phone before writing a text to Kyungsoo.

His phone vibrates and Kyungsoo takes it out of his pocket. Looking at the message he had just received blankly, Kyungsoo rolls his eyes and shakes his head before walking back in to his room. Chanyeol frowns but sends another message to Kyungsoo. When his friend did not step out after five minutes, Chanyeol's frowns deepen and the weight on his shoulders feel heavier with every step he takes away from Kyungsoo's room.

“You look like a kicked puppy.” Jongdae points out as he takes a bite out of his apple. Baekhyun nods his head when he looks over to Chanyeol. Chanyeol mumbled something incoherent and continued to mope around. “Did something happen?”

“Not that I care or anything,” Baekhyun says after a while. “But why are you with us and not hanging out with Kyungsoo?” He asks and Chanyeol hisses at the name before looking at Baekhyun pathetically. Baekhyun blinks a couple of times, confused with his friend's actions. “What did you do this time?”

“Kyungsoo lives in room 61, that's what.” Chanyeol murmurs and sighs. He misses Kyungsoo. It actually feels weird, not talking to Kyungsoo on a daily basis. Chanyeol actually misses a lot of things about Kyungsoo and now that he has stopped talking to the latter, his life feels a little bit lonely and too quiet.

“What?” Jongdae shares a look with Baekhyun. “Can you repeat that once more? This time with your head up and not facing the table.”

Chanyeol props his head on his hand. “He lives in room 61 – the same room you told me to stay away from.” He mumbles and pouts. “I am going to be cursed aren't I.” He states when Baekhyun and Jongdae stares at him,

It took a minute to get a response and it was not what he had expected because Baekhyun smacked the back of his head with enough force that left his ears ringing. He hisses in pain and curses. “What was that for!”

“You are really dumb, Park Chanyeol.” Baekhyun shook his head. “What I told you was never true!”

Chanyeol blinks a couple of times.

“It was just some stupid thing I say every single time there is a new kid in the place.” Baekhyun frowns. Jongdae snorts and nods his head.

“You are so gullible.” Jongdae pities his friend. “It is also partly our fault because we never really did make it clear with you.” He tries to reason but Chanyeol shakes his head as he ruffles his hair. “If it is any consolation, the things that happened to Luhan were partially true. Luhan is really clumsy but whenever he is around Minseok, his crush now boyfriend, he gets even more clumsier. That day, he tripped over air and sprained his ankle. So to be honest, it's nothing on Kyungsoo really.” Jongdae explains and Chanyeol groans in despair.

“You guys suck.” Chanyeol says after a while. “I really need new friends.”

Baekhyun snickers and slaps his hand on Chanyeol's back. “You are pretty much stuck with us.”

Chanyeol stands in front of Kyungsoo's door. He wants to knock but at the same time he hesitates because Chanyeol has not talked to Kyungsoo for almost two weeks now. Even after he found the truth behind the rumour, he still could not bring himself to talk to Kyungsoo. That does not mean he did not check up on his friend though. Chanyeol knows all of Kyungsoo's daily routines like the back of his hands so sometimes he would quietly follow Kyungsoo, just to see how he is doing.

There were days when Chanyeol wanted to blow his own cover, every time he sees Kyungsoo talking to other men. It took him three days to realize that he actually really does harbour feelings for Do Kyungsoo. Despite that, he still watches Kyungsoo from afar. Sometimes he has a feeling that Kyungsoo actually knows that Chanyeol is there but he never says anything, which somehow makes Chanyeol feel relieved and disappointed both at the same time.

“were you ever going to knock?”

chanyeol jumps at the voice and accidentally whacks his hand on the door. He hisses in pain as he holds his hand gingerly. Chanyeol turns around to look at the owner of the voice and gives him a sheepish smile. “how... how long have you been standing there?” he asks back.

Kyungsoo shrugged as he stares at chanyeol. “so you are talking to me now?” he lightly pushes chanyeol aside to unlock the door. Chanyeol sighs at kyungsoo's tone and he keeps quiet, eyes taking in the sight that he has missed so much. Now that kyungsoo is in front of him, chanyeol notices the slight changes on him. He almost wants to brush kyungsoo's hair but wills himself not to do anything even more stupid lest he wants kyungsoo to throw him out of his life for good.

“well are you going to come in or stand outside like an idiot?” kyungsoo asks as he opens the door and glances at chanyeol who had a rather sad puppy like look on his face. Upon hearing the invitation, chnanyeol hurriedly walks in. the moment kyungsoo closes the door and turns around to face him, that was when chanyeol decided to screw punishment and wraps his arms around kyungsoo's, surprising the latter.

When kyungsoo steuggles, chanyeol simply tightens his hold and buries his face in kyungsoo's hair, mumbling 'I miss you and i am sorry' over and over again. Kyungsoo only stops struggling after the first thirty seconds and wraps his arms around the former,

“I miss you too, you idiot.”

to say kyungsoo was annoyed would be an understatement. Kyungsoo was furious. Not only was he confused and irritated at what Chanyeol was doing to his feelings, he also wants to kill Jongdae's boyfriend. Chanyeol's tight grip around his waist prevents him from doing so. “you don't have to hit baekhyun, soo.” chanyeol murmurs as he nuzzles kyungsoo's neck, causing the latter to shiver unconsciously.

Glaring at the older, kyungsoo elbows him as hard as he could and chanyeol wheezes from the pain. “you can hit me a ll you want after this but I have something very important to say to you.” chanyeol takes a deep breath, it's now or never, he thinks to himself.

Before chanyeol even has the chance to open his mouth, kyungsoo turns around and kisses him. His eyes closed as he lifts one hand to kyungsoo's nape, pulling the latter closer to him. He deepens the kiss and swallows the moan that Kyungsoo lets out. Chanyeol takes the chance to slide his tongue inside of kyungsoo's mouth and a shiver runs down his spine when he brushes against kyungsoo's.

The two of them only parted when the need for air intensifies. Chanyeol opens his eyes and he almost moans at the sight in front of him; Kyungsoo's lips look thoroughly ravished and he did not need a mirror to see that he also looked the same. It made him feel all the more proud that this was what he had caused. Kyungsoo presses his lips once more to Chanyeol's.

“Will we continue this or not?” Kyungsoo asks as he breathes against Chanyeol's lips, straddling the latter. Chanyeol's breath hitches and he slide his hands up Kyungsoo's sides, pulling the shirt along. Fingers began to caress the exposed skin and he slowly nods his head – all thoughts flew out of his mind the moment Kyungsoo stared him down. The sultry gaze he is giving Chanyeol makes him feel suffocated but it was nothing he did not want. Chanyeol raises his hand up and pulls Kyungsoo's head down, meeting his lips halfway.

That day, all thoughts of wanting to kill Baekhyun flew out of Kyungsoo's mind and is instead replaced with wanting to make-out with Chanyeol.

Chanyeol on the other hand feels happy that despite all the things he had gone through, he finally gets to be with the boy he likes.

Tags: 2014, pairing: do, rating: pg-13
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